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Disposable tableware stamping and forming automated hydraulic press

Tableware stamping and forming hydraulic press is composed of a lunch box forming hydraulic press + a manipulator + a reclaimer, etc. It can realize grouting forming, transfer of formed slurry, hot pressing and shaping, taking out the shaped product, and trimming. The whole process does not require manual operation, and the product can be realized Automated production, energy-saving and efficient. We strictly implement CE and ISO quality management standards, and our product quality meets the quality standards of European and American countries, and the quality is guaranteed.


1. Technical features of tableware stamping and forming hydraulic press

1) The equipment adopts an advanced hydraulic system, which has fewer faults, extremely high reliability, and small reversing impact;

2) The fuselage is made of solid steel plates that are welded and tempered, and are guided by graphite copper plate guide rails from all directions, with high pressing precision and smooth operation;

3) The four columns are made of high-strength alloy steel, with hard chromium plating on the surface and good wear resistance;

4) Using Italian brand motors and human-machine intelligent interface control systems, the operation is simpler and more convenient;

5) It has good rigidity and strong resistance to lateral force. The cylinder adopts the overall forging process and uses Japanese NOK seals, which are wear-resistant and have high sealing performance.

6) The working stroke, pressing time and main pressure can be adjusted.


2. Application range of tableware stamping and forming hydraulic press

Tableware stamping and forming hydraulic press is suitable for the food processing industry, food supply industry, and catering industry, such as the production of disposable pulp molded tableware, pulp molded fast food boxes, disposable degradable paper cups, high-quality egg trays and other products.




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