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An introduction to the combination of China's hydraulic technology and high-tech achievements

In recent years, the integration of hydraulic technology with new technologies such as computer information technology, microelectronics technology, and automatic control technology has promoted the improvement of the development level of hydraulic systems and components. The specific manifestations are: miniaturization, lightweight and modularization of hydraulic components; green production process; integration and integration of hydraulic systems.


1. Product miniaturization, lightweight and modularization

Miniaturization, lightweight and modularization are inevitable trends in the entire hydraulic industry. Miniaturization is achieved by redesigning the component layout and structure. Miniaturized hydraulic components are conducive to improving the response speed of the hydraulic system. Through material selection and technological updates, hydraulic components can be lightweighted. Lightweight hydraulic components can reduce energy consumption of downstream machinery and equipment, extend service life, and improve production efficiency. Hydraulic product modularization refers to the technical means of integrating functions that were previously implemented by multiple components into one module, so that a single module can replace multiple components. The modularization of hydraulic products can improve assembly efficiency and improve the sealing performance of hydraulic products.


2. Green production process

Problems such as process pollution, product vibration and noise, material loss, and medium leakage during the manufacturing process of hydraulic components and parts have always been important challenges faced by my country's hydraulic industry. In the future, green manufacturing technology will need to be applied to the entire life cycle of product design, technology, manufacturing, use and recycling. Reduce the vibration and noise of hydraulic products and systems through structural optimization technology and active control principles; gradually eliminate environmentally harmful processing and manufacturing processes, adopt environmentally friendly process manufacturing methods and equipment, and improve resource and energy utilization in the manufacturing process; develop new types of reduction Friction and materials that reduce the use loss of hydraulic components improve material utilization; develop hydraulic pipeline connection technology, develop new sealing materials, optimize sealing structures and finishing processes, improve product sealing performance, and reduce media leakage and pollution; develop the recycling of fluid media Treatment and reuse processes, develop dedicated hydraulic component disassembly, recycling, and remanufacturing processes to improve product recyclability.


3. Hydraulic system integration and integration

The integration and integration of the hydraulic system can realize the flexibility and intelligence of the hydraulic system, and give full play to the advantages of the hydraulic system such as large transmission output, small inertia, and fast response. With the development of new energy technology and equipment intelligence, terminal applications require the effective combination of hydraulic transmission technology and electronic control technology to change the traditional control form and improve system response performance. The industry needs to break through traditional constraints and promote the research and development of intelligent and integrated systems to meet the future demand for hydraulic products in the Chinese market. The integration and integration of hydraulic systems are the future development direction of the hydraulic industry.




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