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How to use hydraulic oil correctly

How to correctly use hydraulic oil in different hydraulic systems, according to some data statistics, 70% to 85% of the failure causes of hydraulic systems are caused by pollution and deterioration of hydraulic oil. Because the various pumps and valve components used in the hydraulic system have a high mating surface and a high precision mating gap between the relative moving parts, some components are also equipped with a resistance hole and a slit control valve port, if the oil is mixed with impurities, it will plug these gaps and holes, hinder the movement of the oil, and destroy the normal work of the hydraulic components. Keeping the hydraulic system and hydraulic oil clean is the key to maintaining the hydraulic system. Oil contamination harms the system as follows:

(1) Pollution wear of components

Various pollutants in the oil cause various forms of wear of the components, and solid particles enter the clearance of the moving pair, resulting in cutting damage or fatigue wear on the surface of the parts. In addition, the air in the oil of the system is cavitation, resulting in erosion and destruction of the component surface.

(2) Component plugging and clamping failure

Solid particles block the gap and orifice of the hydraulic valve, causing the valve core to block and clamp, affecting the working performance.

The heat energy of the water and air in the oil is the main condition for the oxygen of the oil, and the metal particles in the oil play an important catalytic role in the oxygen of the oil, in addition, the water and suspended bubbles in the oil significantly reduce the strength of the oil film between the moving pairs, so that the lubrication performance is reduced. Do a few things:

(1) According to the instructions, choose the appropriate hydraulic oil.

(2) A closed oil tank is used, and an air filter with certain precision is installed at the population of the oil tank.

(3) In the process of use, moisture, emulsion, dust fiber debris and other mechanical debris should be prevented.

(4) The amount of hydraulic oil should be appropriate. The oil amount of the hydraulic tank should be kept within the specified oil level range after the system pipeline and components are filled with oil.

(5) Components, pipelines and systems must be strictly cleaned before being put into use.

(6) Must be strictly filtered when refueling.

(7) Check the quality of hydraulic oil regularly to keep the hydraulic oil clean.

(8) When replacing hydraulic oil, pay attention to the fact that the machine has just finished working, and the hydraulic oil is released when it is hot, so that it is easy to discharge the mechanical impurities and oil.

(9) Correct cleaning of the hydraulic system.

Prevent the hydraulic system from entering the air, and after the hydraulic system enters the air, it will emulsify the hydraulic oil and destroy the performance of the oil. Therefore, the hydraulic actuator appears in the work of sudden stop, slow speed, lack of strength and other phenomena, usually this phenomenon is called "work crawling", this phenomenon not only destroys the stability of the system work, but also produces noise, the specific method is as follows:

(1) Suction pipe and pump drive shaft end sealing place below atmospheric pressure, pay attention to no air leakage.

(2) Prevent air from being brought into the return pipe mouth, and do not make the surface of the return pipe.

(3) If the system has entered the air, the air leakage part should be investigated and eliminated in time, and the air of the system should be eliminated.

(4) After adding the new oil, the working device should be continuously manipulated to lift, drop and turn over in order to eliminate the air in the system and correctly execute the operating procedures.

When digging, turning, lifting and other operations, the action should be stable and accurate, the joystick should be retractable in a timely manner, avoid being too fast, so as to avoid the impact when suddenly opening or closing the oil outlet of the hydraulic cylinder and the hydraulic motor, and strengthen the daily maintenance and maintenance of the hydraulic system.

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