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500-ton medal stamping forming automated production line

This production line is an exclusive production line customized by our company for old customers. It was delivered to the customer's factory in August and put into use. This automated production line is composed of a hydraulic press + feeder, which can realize automatic transmission and molding of materials without manual operation in the whole process, realizing automated production of products, energy saving and high efficiency. Effectively reducing enterprise labor input is the best choice to reduce production costs.


1.Technical features

1) The frame and movable workbench have high precision, good rigidity, and strong resistance to lateral force, and are especially suitable for pressing products with high precision and asymmetry;

2) Using imported servo motors and hydraulic control systems, the movable worktable is fast and has high production efficiency;

3) The cylinder is integrally forged and precision ground, and has high reliability under high pressure;

4) The four columns are made of high-strength alloy steel, with hard coating on the surface and good wear resistance;

5) The working stroke, pressing time and pressure can be adjusted;

6) The upper (lower) mounted oil cylinder is equipped with a safety electronic eye and a safety protective cover. Multiple protection has a higher safety factor.


2. Scope of application 

1) Hardware, electronic product punching, riveting, molding, composite material and release material punching, stamping, punching and embossing and other processes; 

2) Imprinting, forming, shallow drawing, shaping, overmolding and trimming of metal or non-metal parts; 

3) Typical products that can be pressed include badges, medals, watch cases, watch straps, glasses, frames and parts, photo frames, tableware, signs, locks, hardware parts, etc.




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