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Small hydraulic press

Small hydraulic press according to the structure is mainly divided into: four column type, single column type (C type), double column type, horizontal, vertical frame and so on; The control mode is divided into manual and automatic; From the style is divided into desktop and floor type.

The small hydraulic press is suitable for the pressing process of plastic materials, such as stamping, bending, flanging and thin drawing, etc. It can also be engaged in the correction, pressing, plastic products and powder products. The equipment is a table type small two-column structure, suitable for the workload in the use of low frequency occasions. Economical, portable and convenient. Small hydraulic press power source can be manual or electric, ultra-high pressure, ultra-small, easy to carry, simple operation, a wide range of applications. It has beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, reasonable structure, stable performance, stable output pressure, safe and reliable.

1, three beams and four columns of small hydraulic press

This is the most common type of structure, especially the large free forging small hydraulic press is usually used as a structural type.

2, the whole frame type small hydraulic press

The main frame is integral welding or integral casting, as follows: pull type free forging small hydraulic press.

3, single-arm small hydraulic press

This structure is mostly used for stamping small hydraulic press or small forging small hydraulic press. Single arm small hydraulic press frame for the whole cast steel structure or steel plate welding structure, simple structure, work can be approached from three directions, simple and convenient operation. However, the rigidity of the whole frame is poor, in order to ensure that the frame has enough strength and stiffness, sometimes the frame is relatively bulky.

4, three-beam multi-column combination type small hydraulic press

For large die forging small hydraulic press, its large tonnage makes the structure design of the body complicated, limited by manufacturing, installation, transportation and other conditions, the body often adopts a split combination structure. The 300MN die forging hydraulic press designed and manufactured by our country adopts a three-beam multi-column combination structure.

5, multi-plate combination frame type small hydraulic press

For large multi-direction die forging small hydraulic press, its large tonnage and higher requirements for press stiffness make the body structure design more complicated.

6, steel tape winding frame type small hydraulic press

The prestressed small hydraulic press frame made of steel tape winding has the characteristics of light structure, small size, good anti-fatigue performance and low cost.

Small hydraulic press



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