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Method and precautions for setting the value of hot press pressure

1. Setting method of pressure value:

1. Determine the range of pressure values: Before hot pressing machining, it is necessary to accurately determine the required pressure range. Factors that usually need to be considered in this step include the nature of the raw material, the requirements of the product, etc.

2. Adjust the pressure valve: adjust the hot press to the initial state, open the pressure valve and set the pressure regulation switch to the appropriate pressure range.

3. Observation performance: Observe the performance of the hot press, if the pressure value has been matched with the set pressure range, the adjustment switch will not make any sound; If it does not match, the switch needs to be adjusted until it matches.

4. Adjust the stop position: When the pressure valve is adjusted to the required value, the pressure switch usually automatically stops, and the stop position needs to be adjusted to the required position.

Ii. Precautions:

1. Understand the pressure range: Before hot pressing machining, it is necessary to accurately understand the required pressure range. If the pressure range is not set correctly, it is easy to lead to low processing quality or even impossible to process.

2. Keep the working environment clean: When running hot press, keep the equipment and working environment clean and hygienic. If dust or debris enters the device, it may cause device failure and pressure instability.

3. Pay attention to maintenance: When using hot press, it is necessary to check whether the equipment works normally. If the equipment is found abnormal, it should be maintained, serviced and repaired immediately.

4. Do not overload the equipment: do not overload the hot press, otherwise it may cause damage to the equipment.

Summary: The above is an introduction to the method and precautions for setting the pressure value of the hot press. When using the hot press machine, it must be operated in accordance with the operating procedures to ensure the normal equipment, good processing effect, and avoid equipment damage and working environment pollution.

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