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Operation of hydraulic press should pay attention to what

1, before any hydraulic press starts operation, the operator should check to ensure a safe working environment. To ensure that nothing goes unnoticed, create a checklist that every employee must use.

2. Use the right equipment

The first thing any hydraulic operator should do when they come to work is make sure they are prepared for the job. Whether you are operating hydraulic or other machines, each employee should have a specific list of safety pliers.

At a minimum, each employee should wear safety goggles, gloves, and sturdy, non-slip work boots. If air pollution is common in the work area, you may also need a full face mask or nose and mouth protection.

3. Use common sense when the press or pump is moving

Be smart when you need to actually put the material into a press or pump machine. Keep your body and limbs as far away from the area as possible. If you accidentally drop an item near a moving press, turn it off before turning off the machine to put it back in place.

4. Be careful with dangerous materials

If your employees move sharp or dangerous materials into presses or machinery, make sure they follow the correct procedures. The aforementioned work gloves should protect their hands, but you also need to make sure the area is free of interference and tripping hazards. Other employees should be careful not to approach the hydraulic operator while working.




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