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How to adjust the pressure of the hot press

There are usually two ways to adjust the pressure of a hot press, which are manual adjustment and automatic adjustment. The details are as follows: 1

Manual adjustment. First of all, open the pressure gauge and check whether it is in the normal working range, and then manually adjust the valve to adjust the pressure of the hot press, it should be noted that the pressure of the hot press can not exceed the scope of the material can withstand, otherwise it may affect the quality of the molding product.

2. Automatic adjustment. Set the required pressure value on the control panel of the hot press, the hot press will automatically adjust the pressure, and continue to monitor to ensure that the pressure is stable within the set range, automatic adjustment, also need to ensure that the pressure does not exceed the material can withstand the range, and according to the actual situation for appropriate monitoring and adjustment.

Factors that may need to be considered in pressure regulation include the nature of raw materials, product requirements, etc. In addition, before commissioning, it is necessary to check the power supply, air supply, ground flatness, the cleanliness of the hot press plate and die, as well as the status of the heating system, pressure sensor and temperature sensor

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