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Hydraulic press noise problem solved

There are many sources of vibration and noise in the hydraulic system, which are roughly hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, cylinder pipes and machinery.

First, the suction phenomenon is the main reason for the high noise of the hydraulic pump. When the oil is mixed with the air, it is easy to form a cavitation phenomenon in its high-pressure area, and it spreads in the form of pressure waves, causing the oil to shake, resulting in cavitation noise in the system.

Second, the gear, blade and plunger of the hydraulic pump suck oil, in the process of oil pressure, the corresponding work produces periodic flow and pressure changes, which causes the flow and pressure pulsation of the pump, resulting in vibration of the components of the hydraulic pump, and the vibration of the components causes the vibration of the air in contact with it to produce density changes, and then the sound pressure of the noise is transmitted out.

Third, too much dead bending of the pipeline or loose fixed clips produce noise, and when the cross-sectional area of the pipeline suddenly changes, the liquid flow will change, easy to produce noise.

Fourth, the noise of the mechanical system is mainly caused by the mechanical transmission system that drives the hydraulic pump, the imbalance of the rotary body in practical applications, most of the motor drives the hydraulic pump through the shaft joint, it is very difficult to make these rotary bodies achieve complete dynamic balance, such as the balance force is too large, it will produce a larger shaft bending noise during rotation.


First, improve the machining and assembly accuracy to reduce the noise caused by mechanical vibration and friction; For high pressure and high speed air flow, reduce the pressure difference and flow rate, or change the shape of the air flow nozzle.

Second, workers should carry out personal protection, such as wearing earplugs, earmuffs, helmets and other anti-noise supplies.

Third, the suction pipe joint of the pump should be tightly sealed to prevent air inhalation.

Fourth, to prevent the cavitation phenomenon of the hydraulic valve, mainly to minimize the oil absorption resistance of the pump. Common measures include the use of large diameter suction tubing, large capacity oil suction filter, while avoiding blockage, pump suction height should be as small as possible.

Five, the pressure pulsation in the pipeline is the main reason for the vibration and noise of the system. The accumulator in the hydraulic circuit can effectively absorb the vibration, and the vibration absorber near the vibration site can effectively reduce the system vibration.

Sixth, for the main vibration in the hydraulic system (pump, motor), often use the installation of rubber pads or springs and other measures, so that it is isolated from the bottom plate can also be used to install the vibration source on the floor and isolated from the entire system, which have a good effect on vibration and noise reduction.

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