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The application of double face forming hydraulic press in the production process of new automobile

      In recent years, with the rapid development of the automobile industry, new models are constantly launched, and the output, quality and grade are constantly improved. Automotive interior parts of the material, quality, matching quantity requirements are increasingly high, which encourages many interior parts production enterprises to buy more performance, more efficient production equipment. The development of servo hydraulic press/hydraulic press with high production efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving and its application in the production of automotive interior trim are the concerns of automobile interior trim manufacturers at present. Jianlong Oil Press Machinery Co., Ltd. in Dongguan, China is also an important hydraulic press manufacturer with active practice. At present, it has cooperated with many domestic automobile interior parts manufacturers to constantly improve the relevant technology and provide more matching personalized services for the market. The following we introduce the characteristics of the above double face forming hydraulic press in the production of automotive interior trim parts.


1, general forming hydraulic press

      General forming hydraulic press production mode is simple, simple equipment structure, low production efficiency, at the same time because of its only one-way movement, interior parts pressing forming process, only suitable for unidirectional pressing of low-grade fabric forming. And high-grade automotive interior fabric forming process requirements are high, the fabric forming needs two-way pressing, forming effect is better. So the general one-way hydraulic press, can not meet the production needs of high-end automotive interior parts.

2, double face forming hydraulic press

      Compared with the general hydraulic press, the double face forming hydraulic press has both common and unique characteristics. Therefore, the design should pay attention to the combination of commonness and characteristics. On the one hand, using the general hydraulic press force analysis and design technology, the preliminary design of the interior molding hydraulic press; On the other hand, because the interior molding hydraulic press is mostly small tonnage, large table. In order to ensure the parallelism between the upper slider and the sliding block in the process of compression forming, a sliding block balance pinion and rack mechanism is developed to ensure the levelness of the four corners of the sliding block and ensure the uniformity of pressing. The slider position is detected by the position sensor to ensure the accuracy of the slider position. Double sliding block structure, two sliding blocks can move relative to each other, pressure each other, so that the forming structure is closer, higher grade. Electrical system adopts PLC control, different process parameters such as position, pressure, speed can be set and modified on the color industrial touch screen, high efficiency, safe and reliable. At present, the double face forming hydraulic press products have obtained market recognition and related patents. The invention has been successfully applied to the forming production of automobile interior trim parts, and the production time is accelerated by the simultaneous movement of upper and sliding blocks. Greatly improve the quality of interior decoration products, yield, improve work efficiency. In the forming process of automobile interior trim parts, the bidirectional pressing process of forming fabric is realized, which promotes the improvement of the technological level of interior trim parts manufacturers. In the design and production of hydraulic press, through the unique structure design, the total weight of the equipment is greatly reduced, the consumption of raw materials is also greatly reduced, the power consumption of the machine is reduced, making the equipment more energy saving and environmental protection. 


3. Closing remarks

    Through years of market promotion, most automobile interior parts manufacturers adopt this kind of double face forming hydraulic press, which has obtained great economic benefits. It has promoted the technical progress of the automotive interior parts industry and contributed to the development of the overall level of the automobile industry.




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