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Application of hydraulic press in the field of new energy vehicles

With the development of liquid technology and new energy vehicle market, hydraulic press is more and more widely used in the field of new energy vehicle parts manufacturing. As small as a screw of a few millimeters and as large as a dozen meters of automobile girder, it is necessary to use different models of hydraulic press for stamping, stretching or forging. Below, we will briefly introduce the application and structure of hydraulic press in the field of new energy vehicles, and welcome people inside and outside the industry to give feedback and guidance:


I. Application classification of hydraulic press in the field of new energy vehicles:

1) stamping automotive appearance sheet metal forming hydraulic press: automotive sheet metal is generally the first punching blanking and then press type, the main products are automotive door, automobile ceiling, automobile girder, automobile steering wheel, car seat frame, etc.

2) stamping automotive composite molding hydraulic press: the types of composite materials include FRP, such as car bumpers, PVC(polyvinyl chloride) fabrics, such as car ceiling upholstery, car seat cushions, etc.

3) automobile parts forging forming hydraulic press: do this product need to heat the parts and then press forming, can do products are automobile universal joint, camshaft, half shaft bolt, steel ring assembly, steering rod and forging blank.

4)indirect automotive parts molding with hydraulic press: lithium battery used in new energy vehicles, lithium battery purity special graphite crucible molding need to use the hydraulic press molding.


2.the structure of the new energy automobile parts forming hydraulic press:

1) the structure of three beams and four columns: it can be used for metal sheet parts of tensile forming, turning, bending and stamping and other processes, can also be used for any plastic products of the pressing process, three beams and four columns of hydraulic press body by the upper beam, slider, table, column and so on. Three beam and four column hydraulic press is also called universal hydraulic press, only need to replace the molding mold can suppress a variety of products, the machine is economical and practical, less investment and high rate of return of a machine, is currently a very high market share of a model.

2)two beams and four columns structure: the structure of two beams and four columns is less than the three beams and four columns of a middle slide beam, other structural composition and work form is the same.

3)Frame structure: The body parts of the frame hydraulic press are composed of steel plate welded structural parts, and the welding stress is eliminated by tempering treatment instrument after welding. The lower beam, the pillar, the upper beam through the pull rod pretightening (hydraulic pretightening) constitute the composite frame; The middle of the fuselage is provided with a sliding block, and the guide rail on the pillar adopts a detachable guide rail, along which the sliding block moves up and down. Frame hydraulic press is a surface contact, so the accuracy of the machine itself is much higher than that of other structures, and it is also the preferred machine type of many auto parts manufacturers.

4) single column structure: single column hydraulic press host includes fuselage, master cylinder, slide block, guide rod, range limiting device, fuselage structural parts are welded steel structure, after welding for stress relief aging treatment, single column hydraulic press is mainly suitable for special steel plate, profile correction processing, but also can complete other large plate pressing, forming and parts correction press assembly process.

5) four columns and frame composite form: this structure type of hydraulic press is mainly used for the multi-direction forging process of auto parts, the main engine is equipped with vertical and horizontal cylinders, the heated material into the hydraulic mold cavity at the same time to the mold extrusion of auto parts products a pressing forming.




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