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How to clean the hydraulic press system

In the new hydraulic press or hydraulic equipment after maintenance, after the installation of the hydraulic system, the pipeline and oil tank should be cleaned before commissioning the machine, especially the long-term working hydraulic press equipment, if the oil is not cleaned in time, the impurities and debris in the old oil will accelerate the oxidation and deterioration of the new oil. On the other hand, it will cause the blockage of the valve or throttle orifice. Under normal circumstances, the cleaning of the hydraulic system should be divided into two times, one main cleaning circuit, and the second cleaning of the entire hydraulic system.


1. Wash once

A cleaning of the hydraulic system is carried out by removing all the pipelines after pre-installation. A cleaning should ensure that the metal rust, burrs, paint, welding nodules and other dirt are carefully cleaned. Otherwise, a single installation of the hydraulic system is prohibited.

Before cleaning, the oil tank should be cleaned and wiped with silk cloth, and then injected with hydraulic oil of two-thirds of the tank capacity (hydraulic press equipment is recommended to use #46 anti-wear hydraulic oil); Then disconnect the inlet and outlet oil pipes of the actuator, and connect them, temporarily cut off the oil discharge circuit of the relief valve and other valves at the oil inlet of the valve in front of the valve, and install the 80-150 purpose filter net at the main return oil pipe. In order to improve the cleaning effect, the cleaning oil is heated about 50 ° C, and the pump is operated intermittently, and the rubber hammer is used to gently tap the tubing during the cleaning process. The cleaning time depends on the complexity of the system, the degree of contamination and the required filtration accuracy, and is generally one hour. After one cleaning, all the oil in the system should be discharged, and the inside of the tank should be cleaned and wiped with silk cloth. For the newly installed hydraulic press equipment, the hydraulic pump should stop running after the oil temperature is reduced to reduce the moisture staying inside the hydraulic components and making the components rust.


2. Clean it twice

The secondary cleaning of the hydraulic system is the internal cycle cleaning of the system after the installation of a connected cleaning circuit.

The purpose of secondary cleaning is to clean the remaining dirt after a one-time installation, such as sealing fragments, different quality washing oil and anti-rust oil, and the sand washed off the inside of the casting, and the powder of the metal run-in, and then the secondary installation to form a formal system. To ensure the smooth adjustment of the formal test and put into normal operation.

Before cleaning the hydraulic press, the system is connected according to the formal working circuit, and then the new hydraulic oil is injected to the limit, and the hydraulic pump is started to clean the system, so that the actuator continues to operate. The cleaning time is usually 2-4 hours. At the end of cleaning, there should be no impurities on the filter screen. The oil after this cleaning can continue to be used.

After the equipment is cleaned, the site should be cleaned in time, the used maintenance equipment should be collected in time, and the hydraulic system components should be carefully checked whether they are loose or not installed. Only after careful inspection can we finish the work.3.jpg



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