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The method of correctly disassembling and replacing the sealing ring of servo hydraulic press is introduced

Servo hydraulic press is a kind of equipment which can reduce energy consumption by using servo motor to drive the main transmission oil pump, reduce the control valve circuit, and control the slide block. Suitable for stamping, die forging, pressing, straightening and other processes.


1. First disassemble the upper die and the cylinder rod of the hydraulic cylinder, so that the upper die is separated from the cylinder rod of the hydraulic cylinder.

2, the sealing ring of the hydraulic cylinder is still better not to be replaced in the workshop site, and the hydraulic cylinder should be removed and placed in a clean and dust-free place.

3. Remove the rear end cover of the hydraulic cylinder, pull out the piston and piston rod, remove the front end cover, and the sealing ring of the hydraulic cylinder can be seen.




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