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Single arm hydraulic press oil temperature is too high how to do? Use these methods to solve the problem in minutes

In the use of single-arm hydraulic press, sometimes the oil temperature is too high, and the oil temperature of the single-arm hydraulic press should be strictly controlled and ensure the normal working temperature of the hydraulic system, below we will talk about the solution when the oil temperature is too high.


1, often pay attention to maintain the design oil in the tank. Generally, the oil level height is required to reach 80% of the tank height to meet the requirements of sufficient heat dissipation area of the tank and sufficient circulating cooling conditions of the oil. When the new machine is filled with oil, the oil tank should be filled. After a few minutes of starting operation, the oil will enter the pipeline and the oil cylinder, and the oil cloth will drop. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish some oil.

2, design a sufficient size of the fuel tank, if necessary, install a cooler, if the ambient temperature is too high to make the system isolated from the outside world. Strictly control the temperature of the system within the range of 20-60 ° C and shall not exceed 70 ° C.

3, when changing the oil, pay attention not only to drain the old oil in the tank, but also to replace the entire system pipeline and the old oil in the working circuit. When refueling, use a filter screen of more than 120 mesh, and add enough oil according to the regulations, so that the oil has enough circulating cooling conditions. The fuel tank should be kept well ventilated.

4, the pipeline should be as short as possible, should not be too slender, bending, as far as possible to make the oil flow smoothly.

5. When the high-pressure oil spills unnecessarily from the relief valve back to the tank for a long time, the design should be improved and the variable pump or the correct unloading method should be adopted.

6, regular cleaning, replace the filter, the filter with a blocking indication, should be replaced according to the instructions, the performance of the filter element, structure and expiration date must meet its use requirements. In case of sudden failure caused by hydraulic oil contamination, be sure to filter or replace the hydraulic system oil.

7, the hydraulic pump of the single-arm hydraulic press and its joints are easy to leak to strengthen the seal, tighten the connector, so as not to cause volume loss and heat.

8. When the setting value of the pressure regulator is high, reduce the working pressure to reduce unnecessary energy loss.

9, ensure that the equipment ventilation conditions are good.




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