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The reason why the operation of the hydraulic press will not react

Hydraulic press is a kind of special hydraulic oil as the working medium, the main engine and the control mechanism of two parts. The main part of the hydraulic press includes the body, the master cylinder, the ejector cylinder and the liquid filling device. If it is found that the operation of the hydraulic press does not respond, what is the cause of this situation?

1. Wear and tear

During the movement of mechanical parts such as hydraulic spool, valve sleeve, and valve body, friction is constantly generated during use, making the size, shape and surface quality of the parts change and fail. The wear or deformation of the solenoid valve spool will lead to internal leakage of the valve, reduce efficiency, and dirt is easy to enter the gap or deformation, resulting in mechanical blockage of the valve spool. If the matching gap between the spool and the valve hole is too large, pressure shock will occur. The wear of the pilot valve of the pressure reducing valve will make the valve work unstable and even cannot adjust the pressure. Speed control valve guide taper valve (or guide small gate valve) because of damage and the seal is not tight, can not be no problem to adjust the pressure. The check valve of the one-way throttle (speed control) is partially worn and the seal is not tight. Some oil flow will flow out through the check valve, affecting the sensitivity of the speed control.

2. Fatigue

When working under long-term variable load, the elastic yellow in the hydraulic solenoid valve will make the elastic yellow become loose, the length of the elastic yellow is reduced or the whole fracture; The valve core and seat will also be tired, causing cracks, falling off or other damage. These can cause the valve to fail. System pressure is not required when the main valve column of the relief valve or the spring of the pilot valve is fatigued or broken. If the spring of the reversing valve is too soft or too short, it will affect the working position of the valve core and the normal reset, so that the system can not work normally.

3. Deformation

In the extrusion molding and application process, when the external shear force exceeds the tensile strength of the hydraulic solenoid valve parts of the hydraulic press, the parts will be deformed, and no problem can be performed. When the valve body of the pressure relief valve is bent out of shape or the spring is deformed, the movement of the valve body becomes unstable and the system pressure becomes unstable. The bending deformation of the unloading valve core will slow the position of the valve core, and slow the change process of the system from throwing support to high pressure or high pressure to throwing support. The bending deformation of the valve spool will make the valve reversing action difficult to carry out normally. Warm reminder, poor parts processing will also cause parts deformation, for example, tightening the reversing valve parts processing screws caused by the oil plate deformation will cause valve core blocking.

4. Corrosion

There is too much water or acid in the hydraulic oil, and after a long time of use, it will corrode the relevant parts in the hydraulic valve, making it lose its due accuracy and failure.

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