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What are the control components and auxiliary components of the four-column hydraulic press?

What are the control elements and auxiliary parts of a four-column hydraulic press? Control elements, that is, various hydraulic valves, control and regulate the pressure, flow and direction of liquids in the hydraulic system.

According to different control functions, hydraulic valves can be divided into pressure control valves, flow control valves and direction control valves. Pressure control valves are divided into safety valves (safety valves), pressure reducing valves, sequence valves, pressure relays, etc. Flow control valve includes throttle valve, regulating valve, diverter flow valve, etc.; Directional control valves include check valves, hydraulic check valves, shuttle valves, reversing valves, etc. According to different control methods, hydraulic valves can be divided into switch type control valves, fixed value control valves and proportional control valves.

Auxiliary components include accumulators, filters, coolers, heaters, pipes, fittings, fuel tanks, pressure gauges, flow meters, seals, etc. They are used as auxiliary functions for connecting, storing, filtering and measuring fluid pressure.

Four column hot press

Four column hot press



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