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Four column hydraulic press product advantages

1. High efficiency and energy saving.

There is no clutch friction energy consumption, no flywheel idling energy consumption, coupled with the high efficiency of the motor itself, making the servo press efficient and energy-saving, in accordance with the national "energy conservation Law" laws and regulations, energy-saving presses will be forced to eliminate high energy consumption of traditional presses; For example, the switched reluctance servo screw press is more energy efficient than the friction screw press, and the government has issued documents to force out the friction press.

2, intelligent automatic numerical control.

The operation of the press is intelligently controlled by a high-speed computer, which can be fully automated without manual operation.

3, mold life is high.

Pressure CNC, mold will not overload wear and damage.

4, products precision forming, small tolerance, high precision.

Pressure stability CNC, mold wear is reduced, products in the CNC precision forming, less forgings without flash, small tolerances, high precision, can achieve less no cutting processing, no need to turn, milling, planing and other subsequent processing, such as cylindrical gear, bevel gear tooth shape can be directly formed production.

5, high reliability of equipment.

The equipment has no wearing parts, the motor rotor has no winding, no conductor, and no permanent magnet, which is stronger than the permanent magnet servo motor, solid and reliable, and anti-impact, and the maintenance of the equipment effectively saves maintenance personnel and maintenance hours.

6, intelligent modulation mode.

The body is equipped with a tonnage meter, which can adjust the mold and test the mold under pressure control. When the mold is adjusted at a slow speed and in a close distance, the car is not stuffy, and there is no need to set up special equipment and personnel for mold testing, saving the manual and man-hour of mold adjustment.

7. Information management.

Real-time numerical control of process parameters and real-time feedback by communication network realize the information control and traceability of product quality.

8. Save resources and be environmentally friendly.

There is no need for permanent magnet rare earth materials, which saves rare and valuable resources and avoids the damage to the environment caused by mining rare earth.

9, human-machine interface interaction is good.

The motor is controlled by digital, and the user can input simple displacement and speed parameters to realize intelligent flexible process curve numerical control, and the user does not need to prepare process curves, which is extremely convenient to use.

10, the equipment structure is very simple, motor - deceleration mechanism - brake - working mechanism, low cost.

Four column hydraulic press




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