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Working principle of tensile hydraulic press

The drawing hydraulic press table is equipped with hydraulic pad and enough jack hole, which is suitable for the pressing process of plastic materials, such as sheet drawing, bending, flanging, punching, etc. It can also be engaged in correction, pressing, grinding wheel forming, cold extrusion metal parts forming, plastic products and powder products pressing and forming process. The machine has an independent power mechanism and electrical system, and adopts centralized control. Can achieve manual and automatic two modes of operation, the working pressure, pressing speed, stroke range can be adjusted, and can complete the ejecting, without ejecting, stretching three kinds of automatic cycle, there are two kinds of fixed pressure, fixed range molding process for choice.5.jpg

The working principle is that according to the requirements of the pressing process, the master cylinder can complete the basic working cycle of rapid downsizing, decelerating pressing, holding rolling, relieving pressure and stopping (any position), and the pressure, speed and holding time need to be adjusted. The ejecting hydraulic cylinder is mainly used to ejecting the work parts, which requires the action of ejecting, returning and stopping. For example, when the sheet is stretched, auxiliary actions such as lifting, stopping and pressure return of the ejector hydraulic cylinder are required. Sometimes it is necessary to press the bad material with a blank cylinder to prevent wrinkles around it


Tensile hydraulic press is suitable for drawing, blanking, flanging and other stamping processes, especially for the following fields

1, auto parts: body covering parts, brake pads, fuel tank, chassis, axle housing, bumper; Hydraulic cylinder

2, household appliances: washing clothes parts, rice cooker parts, TV parts, refrigerator parts, etc

3, kitchen utensils: sink, pot, stainless steel utensils, other various containers

4, others: tractors, motorcycles, aerospace, aviation

Accessories are also available: mobile workbench; Slide proportional adjustment pressure regulator, hydraulic cushion proportional pressure regulator, blanking buffer device, light curtain safety protection device, oil heating or cooling device, touch industrial display, displacement sensing device, floating guide rail and rolling bracket for mold change, non-recovery column lubrication device, mold lighting




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