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Four-column hydraulic press hydraulic system failure, how to solve?

There are three common faults of four-column hydraulic press: oil temperature overheating, system entry into the air, oil pollution. Studies have shown that 75% of failures are related to these three factors.

  1. The pressure rise of the main cylinder is not enough

    Electromagnetic relief valve pressure relief. The manual function has certain defects, the pressure can not be adjusted to the required, the solenoid valve spool continues to carry out the same action, and a certain friction is generated between the valve hole and wear, so that the overflow pressure can not be improved to a certain extent during the leakage of the control port. The main spool damping hole is blocked, and the main spool valve will open the overflow under relatively low pressure. The sealing of the main core and the seat hole in the absence of stone peak determination, there will be oil leakage phenomenon. The solenoid valve is burned out and cannot be closed when the slide valve block cannot be switched. The spool stuck in the opening position may also cause the pressure of the master cylinder to not rise.

    To eliminate the causes one by one, the specific way is to carefully check the position of each flow valve, and then gradually analyze the causes of various possible failures in detail, and to find out the causes of certain treatment. Adjust the handwheel of the relief valve, check the position of each flow valve, analyze the cause of the failure of each part of the relief valve, adjust the handwheel of the relief valve, adjust the pressure to 26 MPa and be sure to report that the handwheel nut is locked, and the gap between the spool and the valve hole must be controlled to ≤0.008mm. It is necessary to clean the relief valve damping hole and each part to ensure that it is in a smooth state. In the mechanical replacement of the main valve core, the sealing ring should be processed with the seat hole, and the phenomenon of oil leakage must not occur. When the solenoid coil is burned out, it should be replaced to ensure that the spool is flexible when changing direction.

2. The master cylinder filling valve spring is broken, and the sealing degree of the filling valve is not up to standard

Elimination method: Replace the spring and grind the sealing surface of the filling valve to ensure that there will be no leakage.

3.Main cylinder seal ring is damaged, upper and lower chamber pressure oil collusion

Elimination method: Replace the seal ring, if there is a strain on the inner wall of the main cylinder, it should be repaired and smoothed out, so as to prevent the seal ring from being damaged.

4.The sound of the hydraulic system is abnormal, and the vibration is relatively large

 The possible cause is that the filter of the tank is blocked by unknown substances, and the oil absorption of the hydraulic pump is blocked.

Elimination method: Clean the filter, in the process of inspection not only to check the oil is contaminated, but also to filter the oil pollution or directly replace the oil with new oil.

Four column hydraulic press

Four column hydraulic press



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