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Common faults and maintenance scheme of four-column hydraulic press

When it comes to the failure of the hydraulic machine, it will immediately contact the manufacturer to solve, in fact, many failures as users, can also be solved immediately, no longer wait for the manufacturer maintenance personnel to come to the scene, because you wait for the manufacturer maintenance personnel to come to the scene to spend time waiting is also a great cost. So you can solve it yourself immediately, and this article we share today hopes to be of great help to you in the use of four-column hydraulic press common faults and maintenance.

Let's first analyze what are the common faults of four-column hydraulic press?

Fault one Pressure gauge pointer wobbles badly


1, pressure gauge oil circuit memory has air

2, pipeline mechanical vibration

3. Pressure gauge is damaged

Fault two slider crawling problem


1, the system accumulates air or pump empty

2. Improper precision adjustment or lack of oil in the column

3, check whether the pump suction pipe intake, and then several up and down movement and pressure

4. Add oil on the column and readjust the accuracy

Fault three high pressure stroke speed is not enough, the upper pressure is slow


1, high pressure pump flow is too small

2, pump wear or burn

3. Serious leakage in the system

Fault four action failure


Electrical cables are improperly connected. Check the electrical cables

Failure five after stopping the slide slide serious


1, cylinder seal ring leakage

2, the pressure valve adjustment pressure is too small or the pressure port is not strict

3. Observe the cylinder head and find oil leakage and gas discharge

4, adjust the pressure to check the valve port

Operation precautions

1, do not understand the machine structure performance or operating procedures should not start the machine without authorization;

2, the machine in the working process, should not be repaired and adjusted mold;

3, when the machine found serious oil leakage or other anomalies (such as unreliable action, loud noise, vibration, etc.) should stop to analyze the cause, try to eliminate, not put into production with disease:

4. Do not overload or exceed the maximum eccentricity:

5. It is strictly prohibited to exceed the maximum stroke of the slider, and the minimum closing height of the mold shall not be less than 600mm.

6, electrical equipment grounding must be solid and reliable:

7, at the end of every day: put the slider to the lowest position.

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