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How to classify hydraulic press?

There are different classifications from different angles.

(1) Manual hydraulic press: generally small hydraulic press, used for pressing, pressing and other processes;

(2) Forging hydraulic press: used for free forging, ingot opening and non-ferrous metal die forging;

(3) Stamping hydraulic press: used for all kinds of sheet metal stamping, like all kinds of metal sheet stamping, including blanking, punching, stretching, bending, turning, precision punching;

(4) Calibration press: used for parts alignment and assembly;

(5) Laminating hydraulic press: used for the pressing of plywood, particleboard, fiberboard and insulating material board, etc., with large stroke, many layers, large distance between layers, and more plates that can be pressed;

(6) Extrusion hydraulic press: used to extrude a variety of non-ferrous metal and ferrous metal wire, pipe, bar and profile;

(7) Pressing hydraulic press: used for powder metallurgy and plastic product pressing and molding, such as powder product hydraulic press, isostatic hydraulic press, magnetic material hydraulic press, abrasive product hydraulic press, diamond hydraulic press, etc.;

(8) Packing and pressing hydraulic press: used for equipressing metal chips into blocks and packaging.

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