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Hydraulic system fault characteristics?

(1) Diversity of faults

The failure of hydraulic equipment may be extremely complex and the reasons are different, but in most cases, several failures occur at the same time, the cause of the same failure is not a single, and these reasons are related to each other by several and multiple reasons.

Different hydraulic systems may fail in the same part, but because of their different degrees of action, different system structures, and different with other distribution and mechanical structures, the caused failure phenomenon is often unpredictable.

(2) Fault complexity

When the pressure of the hydraulic system does not meet the requirements, we often take it for granted that the rest of the action failure is associated with it, and sometimes the fault of the mechanical and electronic components will also be regarded as a situation with the failure of the hydraulic system, so that the failure of the hydraulic system is complicated.

(3) Contingency and inevitability of failure

The accidental situation means that there is no law, often let people unprepared, the failure is bound to happen means that a part of the hydraulic system often has problems, and there is a basis to check, in the hydraulic failure can find out the law.

(4) Due to the complexity and huge hydraulic system, when judging and analyzing the failure of the hydraulic system, it often takes a long time to find out the cause of the formal installation, so experts in the hydraulic system are often needed to find out the cause in a relatively short time.

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