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Four column hydraulic press PLC compared to the advantages of relay control

The four-column hydraulic press drives the motor according to the action chart of the hydraulic system rules and selects the operation method of the rules. Under the instruction of the signaling element, the action of the electromagnet is made to complete the specified process action of the point and semi-automatic cycle. Electrical control box, in addition to according to the needs of the machine part must be scattered in the electrical components (such as: motor, electromagnet, proximity switch, pressure relay), other electrical appliances will be assembled in the electrical control box, the operator only need to operate the corresponding switch button, you can operate the machine.

Because relay contactor control is the use of fixed wiring hardware to complete the logic. If the production task or production process changes, it is necessary to plan from scratch and change the hardware structure, which forms a waste of time and money. In addition, the large control system uses relay contact control, the number of relays is large, the control system is large, the power consumption is large, and the relay contact is a mechanical contact, the operating frequency is low, the life after frequent operation is short, the formation of system failure, the reliability of the system is poor. The PLC control can improve the above lack of relay operator, PLC high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, strong versatility, control procedures to change, convenient use, strong function, wide range of adaptation, simple programming, easy to grasp; Small volume, light weight, low power consumption, and convenient maintenance reduce the planning of the control system and the amount of work in construction, so we choose PLC can be integrated and more convenient regulation when planning.




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