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Selection and daily maintenance of four-column hydraulic press

The four-column hydraulic press is suitable for processes requiring pressure processing. Such as powder metallurgy forming, rubber products forming, cold (hot) forging metal forming, sheet metal drawing, sheet metal stamping forming, turning through, straightening and other processes.

The storage and handling of hydraulic oil should pay attention to a few points. Special hydraulic oil drums should be used to store hydraulic oil. In the season of less than 5 degrees Celsius, pay attention to the lid of the oil drum, do not mix in the oil because the air condenses into water, and do not drop the rusty rust sheet of the drum into the bucket. A number of preventive measures taken in winter for hydraulic and other mechanical systems, such as preheating the machine before starting, running after heating, changing to low-viscosity working oil, etc., are applicable to the hydraulic system.

Correct use of four-column hydraulic press system Although people feel that the hydraulic transmission is easy to use and practical, but also feel that it has a high failure rate. The actual reason, mainly is not very clear about its working principle and the daily maintenance of the equipment, the main factors are: the external pollution of the mailing == hydraulic press system, the oil temperature is too high. These unfavorable factors have a close internal connection, any of the above situations will reduce the practical life of the four-column hydraulic press, resulting in system instability. According to years of experience, there are three main reasons for hydraulic system problems.

1, the working oil due to external pollution caused by system failure.

2. Overheating accelerates the separation and aging of hydraulic oil and the aging of seals.

3, into the gas solution: the cleaning and assembly of some of the main precision parts of the hydraulic system should be carried out in a clean room, the workplace should have a clean floor, and the temperature is best maintained at about 25 degrees Celsius.

Pay attention to the above points in daily use can greatly improve the practical life of the four-column hydraulic press, reduce the failure rate, and improve the work efficiency.

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