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Power source of type c hydraulic press

Power source of Type c hydraulic press:

The power source of the C-type hydraulic press refers to the power source and transmission mode of the elevator during the lifting process. The hydraulic drive is of course inseparable from the most important part - the hydraulic cylinder.

Hydraulic system is an important part of hydraulic press. Hydraulic cylinder is the actuator in hydraulic system; It usually consists of a cylinder block, cylinder rod and seal. The inside of the cylinder is divided into two parts by the piston, and the oil hole is not separated. Due to the small compression ratio of the liquid, when the oil hole is introduced into the oil, the piston will be pushed to get the other oil hole out of the oil, the piston drives the piston rod for stretching, and vice versa.

The hydraulic cylinders used in hydraulic lifts usually have five components: pistons and piston rods, cylinders and cylinder heads, buffering devices, sealing devices and exhaust devices. The working principle is basically similar to that of an ordinary hydraulic cylinder. As far as manual jacks are concerned, the jack is actually the simplest cylinder. Through the manual pressure rod, the hydraulic oil enters the cylinder through the check valve. At this time, the hydraulic oil entering the cylinder by a single valve cannot be reversed, and the cylinder rod is forced upward, and then the hydraulic oil enters the hydraulic cylinder continuously. In this way, the engine rises continuously. When the time drops, the hydraulic valve flips to return the hydraulic oil to the fuel tank. This is the simplest operating principle, and other principles have been improved on this basis. The principle of the cylinder is the same as that of the cylinder.

The hydraulic cylinder is the most important part of the hydraulic press, but the hydraulic cylinder is not very important in the maintenance of the entire equipment. Due to the structure and material resolution of the hydraulic cylinder, its bearing capacity is high, the structure is simple, and it is not easy to damage.

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