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What are the reasons for the noise of the hydraulic press

1. The relief valve is unstable, such as due to improper combination of the slide valve and the valve hole or the contact between the cone valve and the seat is stuck by dirt, the damping hole is blocked, the spring is crooked or fails, so that the spool is stuck or does not move in the valve hole, causing system pressure fluctuations and noise. In this regard, attention should be paid to cleaning and dredging Yin hole; Check the relief valve, if found to be damaged, or due to wear exceeds the provisions, it should be repaired or replaced in time;

2 Hydraulic pump or hydraulic motor quality is not good, is usually the main part of the hydraulic transmission noise. The manufacturing quality of the hydraulic pump is not good, the accuracy does not meet the technical requirements, the pressure and flow fluctuations are large, the trapped oil phenomenon is not well eliminated, the sealing is not good, and the bearing quality is poor, which are the main reasons for the noise. In use, due to the wear of hydraulic pump parts, the gap is too large, the flow is insufficient, and the pressure is easy to fluctuate, which will also cause noise. In the face of the above reasons, one is to choose a good quality hydraulic pump or hydraulic motor, the second is to strengthen maintenance and maintenance, for example, if the gear tooth shape accuracy is low, you should research the gear to meet the contact surface requirements; If the vane pump has trapped oil, the triangle groove of the oil distribution pan should be corrected to eliminate trapped oil; If the axial clearance of the hydraulic pump is too large and the amount of oil is insufficient, it should be repaired so that the axial clearance is within the allowable range; If the hydraulic pump is not selected, it should be replaced

3. Air intrusion into the hydraulic system is the main cause of noise. Because the hydraulic system invades the air, its volume is large in the low pressure area, when the flow to the high pressure area is compressed, the volume suddenly shrinks, and when it flows into the low pressure area, the volume suddenly increases, the sudden change in the volume of the bubble, resulting in an "explosion" phenomenon, resulting in noise, this phenomenon is usually called "hole". For this reason, an exhaust device is often set on the hydraulic cylinder for exhaust. In addition, after driving, it is also a common method to exhaust the actuator several times in a rapid full stroke;

4. Improper adjustment of the reversing valve makes the spool of the reversing valve move too fast, resulting in reversing impact, resulting in noise and vibration. In this case, if the reversing valve of the small hydraulic machine is a hydraulic reversing valve, the throttling element in the control oil circuit should be adjusted to make the reversing smooth without impact. At work, the spool of the hydraulic valve is supported on the spring, and when its frequency is similar to the pulsating frequency of the hydraulic pump oil transmission rate or to the frequency of other vibration sources, vibration will be caused and noise will be generated. At this time, by changing the natural frequency of the pipeline system, changing the position of the control valve or adding the accumulator appropriately, it can prevent vibration and reduce noise.

Trimming hydraulic press

Trimming hydraulic press



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