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Safety operation of single column hydraulic press

(1) The operator of the single column hydraulic press must be trained to master the performance and operation technology of the equipment before it can operate independently.

(2) Before the operation of the single column hydraulic press, all kinds of debris on the mold should be cleaned first, and any dirt on the hydraulic press rod should be wiped.

(3) The installation mold of the single-column hydraulic press must be carried out in the case of power failure, and it is prohibited to collide with the start button, the handle and the foot on the foot switch.

(4) Before the hydraulic press work, first start the equipment idling for 5 minutes, and check whether the oil tank level is enough, whether the oil pump sound is normal, whether the hydraulic unit and pipes, joints, pistons are leaking.

(5) Install the upper and lower mold alignment, adjust the mold gap, do not allow unilateral deviation from the center, confirm that the mold is fixed and then test the pressure.

(6) Start the equipment to test the pressure, check whether the pressure reaches the working pressure, whether the equipment is normal and reliable, and whether there is leakage phenomenon.

(7) Adjust the working pressure, but should not exceed 90% of the rated pressure of the equipment, test a workpiece, and then produce after passing the inspection.

(8) For different hydraulic press profiles and workpieces, when pressing and correcting, the working pressure and pressure of the press, the number and time of holding pressure should be adjusted at any time, and ensure that the mold and workpieces are not damaged.

(9) When the body pressure plate slides up and down, it is strictly prohibited to put the hand and head into the working part of the pressure plate and the mold.

(10) It is strictly prohibited to carry out tapping, stretching, welding, bending, twisting and other operations on the work at the same time of pressure.

(11) No smoking, welding and cutting, fire, flammable and explosive items shall be stored around the working of the single-column hydraulic press. Take good fire prevention measures.

(12) After the work of the single-column hydraulic press, the power supply should be cut off, the hydraulic rod of the press should be wiped clean, the lubricating oil should be added, the molds and workpieces should be cleaned and placed neatly.

Bow type single column hydraulic press

Bow type single column hydraulic press



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