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Pickling treatment method of four-column hydraulic press pipeline

After the four-column hydraulic press pipeline connection is installed, the pipeline should be pickled. The purpose of pickling is to remove the oxide and oil in the metal tube through chemical action, so that the metal surface is smooth and the inner wall of the hydraulic tube is clean. The pickling pipe type is a key link to ensure the reliability of the hydraulic system, which must be given sufficient attention.

The pickling treatment method of pipeline can be divided into two kinds: trough pickling method and circulation pickling method. When using the tank pickling method, the pipeline should generally be installed twice, that is, the first installed pipeline is removed, placed in the pickling tank, and after the pickling operation is completed and qualified, the second installation is carried out. The cycle pickling can be carried out in a installed pipeline, it should be noted that the cycle pickling is only limited to the pipeline, other hydraulic components must be disconnected or removed from the pipeline. The pipeline at the hydraulic pump station or valve is suitable for trough pickling; The pipe connection between the hydraulic pump or valve and the hydraulic cylinder should adopt the circulating pickling method.

At present, the hydraulic pipe pickling method is used in the actual treatment of groove pickling method and tube circulation pickling method. The following is a detailed introduction to the two pickling processes:

1, the trough pickling method is to remove the installed pipe, decompose it and soak it in the pickling tank, and carry out secondary installation after qualified treatment. This method is more suitable for short pipe with large diameter, straight pipe, easy disassembly, and small pipeline construction, such as hydraulic pump station, valve station and other hydraulic devices in the pipe distribution and small field pipe distribution of four-column hydraulic press system, can be used trough pickling method.

2, the internal circulation pickling method is in the installed liquid pipeline, the hydraulic components are disconnected or removed, connected with a hose, nozzle, flushing cover plate, forming a flushing circuit. Use the pickling oil pump to drive the acid into the circuit for circulating pickling. This pickling method is a relatively advanced construction technology at present, with the advantages of fast pickling speed, good effect, simple process, convenient operation, etc., reducing environmental pollution, reducing labor intensity, shortening the pipeline installation period, solving the problem of difficult pickling of long pipelines and complex pipelines, and thoroughly solving the secondary pollution problem that the tank pickling method is prone to occur during assembly. Therefore, it is widely used in pickling of four-column hydraulic system pipelines.

Powder four-column hydraulic press

Powder four-column hydraulic press



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