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How to find and solve the problem of oil leakage in the hydraulic system of hydraulic press

How to find and solve the problem of oil leakage in the hydraulic system of hydraulic press

With the improvement of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic press, high functionality, high pressure, the role of the filter in the hydraulic press equipment has become increasingly important. Therefore, the correct use of filters can effectively filter out pollutants in the hydraulic press equipment system, protect the machine, and thus improve the reliability and service life of the equipment. When the filter is selected, the filtration function of the hydraulic filter is clear. The level of filtering is an important issue.

Bow type hydraulic press

If it is ideal to trap particles larger than the minimum gap in the machine structure, frequent clogging will be caused if the filter is filtered beyond the demand limit, which will lead to cleaning moments. The time is too long, the cost has increased, the protection and handling expenses and other issues.

Hydraulic oil leakage is one of the most common faults of vacuum oil filter. It mainly occurs in three positions: vacuum pump oil window, fuel tank washer and motor bearing shaft seal. The main reason is that the vacuum pump is used for too long, resulting in aging of these components. The seal failed, which then led to an oil leak. Due to the long service time of the vacuum pump, the aging of the oil window causes cracks, the aging of the adhesive of the oil window and the oil tank, resulting in oil leakage of the pump, oil leakage of the oil window, and the front oil seal on the motor shaft. After the oil seal, the tank is connected to the motor via an adapter. There is a sealing ring on the tank and adapter to serve as a seal for the tank. If aging, it will also lead to vacuum pump leakage. Oil.

Hydraulic press manufacturers usually have a felt pad on the adapter, which plays a role in retrieving the pump oil. If it is full, the vacuum pump will leak oil. The solution to the problem of oil leakage is to replace the worn oil window, shaft seal, gasket and felt pad that have been filled with pump oil. After the maintenance is complete, flush the vacuum pump with vacuum pump oil before oil injection, clean the filter at the oil injection port with solvent, and keep the oil tank clean. Because high-speed conditions require relatively large power and are prone to oscillations, centrifuges are also equipped with auxiliary heating to increase the oil temperature and reduce the viscosity of the oil. Therefore, the vacuum filter unit has a relatively large operating power.




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