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The basic introduction and main function of drawing hydraulic press

Drawing hydraulic press integrates electro-hydraulic servo automatic control, automatic measurement, data acquisition, screen display and test result processing in one. It is equipped with a cylinder mounted main engine as a platform and is equipped with precision oil pumps, electro-hydraulic servo valves and PC servo. The controller can realize multi-channel closed-loop control, complete automatic control and automatic measurement in the test process, and has the characteristics of good professionalism, high reliability, simple upgrade, etc., which can be developed together with the test. Machine control technology and test standards. Change, constantly improve and perfect.

Main functions of tensile hydraulic press:

Mainly used to test metal and non-metal materials, such as rubber, plastic, wire and cable, optical cable, safety belt, safety belt, belt composite, plastic profiles, waterproof coils, steel pipes, copper, profiles, spring steel, stretch, compression, bend, shear, peel, tear, bearing steel two-point extension, stainless steel (and other high hardness steel), castings, steel plates, steel belts, Nonferrous metal wire, etc. Test.

The main features of tensile hydraulic press:

Imported photoelectric encoder for displacement measurement. The controller adopts embedded single chip microcomputer structure, built-in powerful measurement and control software, and integrates measurement, control, calculation and storage. Function in one. It has the function of automatically calculating stress, elongation (required elongation meter), tensile strength and elastic modulus, automatic statistics of results; Automatically record the maximum point, break point, force value or elongation of the specified point; The computer experiment dynamically displays the process and test curve, as well as data processing, after the test, the data can be re-analyzed and edited through the graphics processing module, and the report can be printed, and the product performance reaches the international advanced level.

Four-column stretching hydraulic press

Four-column stretching hydraulic press



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