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How to improve the efficiency of the servo hydraulic press?

In the process of production and use of servo hydraulic press, in addition to paying attention to operation specifications and regular repair and maintenance, Jianlong Machinery proposes that different methods should be used to improve the working efficiency of servo hydraulic press, and how to improve it? Here are a few points:

First, the operator of the servo hydraulic press must understand the principle of the hydraulic system, only understand the effect of the primary hydraulic components of the equipment, in order to grasp the operation order of the system. Before starting the equipment, it is necessary to check whether all the motion tissues and solenoid valves enter the initial state, check the oil level of the tank, whether there is an anomaly or lack of oil, if found, it should be prohibited to start the hydraulic pump motor immediately, and find a repairman to repair it. The operator should often check the working condition of the hydraulic system, observe the working pressure and speed, and check the workpiece size and prop wear condition to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the hydraulic system.

Second, stop more than 4 hours of servo hydraulic press equipment, before the start of the operation, should first start the hydraulic pump motor 5-10min to work with pressure. When the hydraulic system is faulty, the operator can not privately move, should immediately report the repair part. Should always adhere to the hydraulic equipment cleaning, to avoid dust, cutting fluid, cutting, cotton yarn and other debris into the tank.

Third, in winter, when the oil temperature of the servo hydraulic press tank does not reach 25 ° C, the executive organizations can not start to work in order, but can only start the hydraulic pump motor to make the hydraulic pump empty. During the summer operation, when the oil temperature in the tank is higher than 60 ° C, pay attention to the investigation of the operating condition of the hydraulic system, and tell the repair personnel to deal with it. The operator shall not damage the interlocking equipment of the electrical system, shall not push the electronic control valve by hand, and shall not damage or arbitrarily move the orientation of each operating file.

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