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What are the pressure adjustment methods of hydraulic press?

When the working pressure of the hydraulic press is not enough or too high, the pressure of the hydraulic press needs to be adjusted. There are mainly the following methods

1. Proportional regulation: Adjust the pressure by adjusting the flow of oil according to the difference between the system pressure and the required pressure.

2. Pressure control valve adjustment: directly change the valve in the hydraulic system to adjust the pressure, such as the adjustment valve and throttle valve installed on the hydraulic cylinder.

3. Speed regulating throttle: Add throttle in the oil circuit to achieve the function of adjusting speed and pressure at the hydraulic cylinder delivery entrance.

4. Linear regulation: Adjust the system pressure by mechanical or electronic means to change the flow and pressure of the pump.

5. Check valve control: The check valve is closed when the pressure is unloaded, and the pressure is opened to achieve the control of the pressure.

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