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How to solve the abnormal speed of hydraulic press?

Hydraulic press is through the hydraulic system to produce pressure to complete the pressing, bending, folding, pressing a variety of production processes, the middle speed is very important, the speed is abnormal, the hydraulic machinery can not work, the following factors will affect the speed of the hydraulic press

First, the influencing factors of the hydraulic press speed decline

1. Hydraulic cylinder piston and other related parts have wear or leakage phenomenon

2. The pressure reducing valve in the speed control valve is stuck in the open position, and the flow through the throttle valve decreases when the load increases

Second, the main reasons for the crawling of the executive mechanism

1. Air is mixed into the hydraulic system;

2. Due to poor lubrication, the guide rail is not parallel to the axis of the hydraulic cylinder, the piston rod seal pressure is too tight, the piston rod bending deformation and other reasons, resulting in a large change in friction force during the working stroke of the hydraulic cylinder and cause crawling

3. In the oil inlet throttle speed regulation system, the hydraulic cylinder has no back pressure or insufficient back pressure, and the external load changes, resulting in a change in the cylinder speed

4. Hydraulic pump; The flow pulsation is large, and the pressure pulsation of the system is large due to the vibration of the relief valve, which is caused by the fluctuation of the input pressure oil of the hydraulic cylinder

5. The throttle valve port is blocked, the system leakage is unstable, and the pressure reducing valve in the speed control valve is not flexible, causing the flow to be unstable and cause crawling.

Third, the hydraulic press actuator mechanical failure caused by insufficient hydraulic oil supply, resulting in unstable speed.

1. The throttle port of the throttle valve is blocked, resulting in no small flow or small flow instability

2. The spring of the fixed-difference pressure reducing valve is too soft, so that the pressure difference before and after the throttle valve is too low, resulting in the small flow through the speed regulating valve is unstable.

3. The pressure reducing valve in the speed control valve is stuck, causing the pressure difference before and after the throttle valve to change with the external load. It is often seen that the load is small when the small feed, resulting in the minimum feed increase

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