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What are the differences and characteristics between stamping machines and hydraulic presses?

First of all, understand the definition of the two:

Punching machine: Punching machine is also called punching machine, mainly used for sheet metal parts processing.

Hydraulic press: Hydraulic press is a kind of liquid as the working medium, the use of liquid to transfer pressure to achieve various processes of the machine.

There are many differences between the two, as follows

In principle: the punching machine drives the flywheel through the motor, and drives the crank connecting rod mechanism through the clutch, the transmission gear drives the slider to move up and down, and drives the drawing mold to form the steel plate. The hydraulic press is the oil pump to transport hydraulic oil to the integrated cartridge valve block, through each check valve and relief valve to distribute hydraulic oil to the upper chamber or lower chamber of the cylinder, under the action of high pressure oil, the cylinder to move.

Usage: hydraulic press is suitable for bending, forming, flanging and other processes of central load parts, with blanking buffer device, can also be used for punching, blanking processing, is the ship industry, pressure vessel industry, chemical industry and other industries of choice products. The punching machine is mainly used for the processing of sheet metal parts.


Punching machine classification:

According to the slider driving force, mechanical punching machine and hydraulic punching machine are divided

According to the slider movement mode, it can be divided into single action, double action and multiple action

According to the slider drive structure, the crankshaft punching machine, the crankshaft punching machine, the elbow punching machine, the friction punching machine, the spiral punching machine, the rack punching machine, the connecting rod punching machine, the CAM punching machine

Hydraulic press classification

Hydraulic press can be divided into hot forging hydraulic press, four column hydraulic press, single arm hydraulic press, gantry hydraulic press, double column hydraulic press

Four-column trimming hydraulic press



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