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Four column hydraulic press oil shortage causes and solutions

Four-column hydraulic press is mainly used for tensile forming, turning, bending and stamping of metal sheet parts, and can also be used for general pressing process. According to user needs to increase punching buffer, punching material, often used in pressing process and pressing forming process, such as: forging, stamping, cold extrusion, straightening, bending, flanging, sheet drawing, powder metallurgy, pressing and so on. So when the two-beam four-column hydraulic hydraulic pump oil amount is insufficient how do we change to solve?

One, two beam four column hydraulic hydraulic pump oil shortage reasons:

1, due to the hydraulic pump (PR2R quantitative vane pump, EG-F gear pump, GPY external gear pump, IPH internal gear pump, P piston pump, V variable piston pump) pump body processing error, so that the three-hole center line is not parallel.

2, the hydraulic pump seal is not tight, the air is sucked into the pump.

3. The meshing gap between the active screw and the driven screw is too small.

4, the amount of oil is insufficient, the oil level is too low or the filter is blocked.

5, the outer cylinder of the screw and the hole in the pump body are too large, so that the high and low pressure oil of the pump are interworking.

6. The working pressure adjustment of the two-beam four-column hydraulic press system is too high.

7, because the motor power is not enough, the speed of the pump is reduced, and the volume efficiency is also reduced.

8. The suction pipe diameter is too small.

9, hydraulic pump (hydraulic pump, SQP hydraulic pump, VP-SF vane pump, HVP variable vane pump) in the oil viscosity is too low or the oil temperature is too high to cause the leakage increase.

10, the pressure gauge switch is not opened or damaged.

Two, two beams and four columns hydraulic hydraulic pump oil insufficient elimination method

1. Take measures from the process to improve the machining accuracy of the screw and moderately reduce the meshing gap.

2. Tighten the screws at the pipe joints and connecting surfaces to avoid air inhalation into the pump.

3, ensure the pump body hole and spider rod outer circle processing accuracy and coordination gap.

4. Add the oil amount of the two-beam four-column hydraulic press, raise the oil level, and clean the oil filter.

5. Increase the motor power appropriately to ensure the speed and volumetric efficiency of the oil pump.

6, according to the requirements of use, appropriate to reduce the system pressure.

7, check or replace the pump body, be sure to ensure that the three-hole center line is parallel.

8. Appropriately increase the inner diameter of the suction pipe of the two-beam four-column hydraulic press.

9, choose the appropriate oil viscosity, strictly control the hydraulic pump (hydraulic pump, IPH internal gear pump, EG-F gear pump, HVP variable vane pump, PR2R quantitative vane pump, GPY external gear pump, P piston pump, VP-SF vane pump, V variable piston pump, SQP hydraulic pump) temperature rise.

10. Repair or replace the pressure gauge switch.



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