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Four characteristics of single column hydraulic press

Single-column hydraulic press, the pressure system is located in the fuselage, mainly using single-arm type, beautiful appearance, easy to operate. Mainly suitable for metal products stretching, forming and pressing processes, but also processing non-metallic materials, powder metallurgy products pressing, shaft parts correction, sleeve parts of the press assembly and metal products shaping, cutting and other processes.

The single-column hydraulic press will be more convenient when making non-large parts, and will not be as complex as the operation of the four-column hydraulic press. The single-column hydraulic press is separated from the hydraulic press and is more suitable for some small parts. Compared with other hydraulic presses, single-column hydraulic presses also have their own characteristics.

1) Good performance orientation, fast speed, etc

2) Convenient manual adjustment of the structure

3) Welding integration

4) Strong deformation resistance and high accuracy

Bow type single column hydraulic press

Bow type single column hydraulic press



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