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The influence of hydraulic oil on servo hydraulic press

The quality of hydraulic oil in the use of single-column hydraulic press, servo hydraulic press, hydraulic straightening machine and other machinery will affect the performance of hydraulic press. Below we make a brief introduction on how hydraulic oil affects the performance of hydraulic press.

1, the viscosity is appropriate

With the decrease of temperature, the viscosity of hydraulic oil increases, the pressure loss of the system is large, and the efficiency is reduced. If the viscosity is too small, the system leaks too much, the volume loss increases, the system efficiency is also low, and the rigidity of the system becomes worse. Therefore, in order to enable the hydraulic system to work normally and stably, the viscosity of the working medium is required to change with temperature.

2. Lubricity

High-quality hydraulic oil plays a lubricating role in the moving parts of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic press to reduce friction and reduce friction to ensure that the system can work normally for a long time. At present, the hydraulic system and components are developing to high energy, and many friction parts are in the boundary lubrication state, requiring the hydraulic oil to have good lubricity is crucial.

3. Anti-oxidation

Hydraulic oil and air contact will produce oxidation deterioration, high temperature, high pressure and some substances, such as copper, zinc, aluminum and so on to accelerate the oxidation process. After oxidation, the acid value of the medium increases, the corrosion is strong, and the viscosity generated by oxidation will block the gap of the component and affect the normal operation of the system, so the hydraulic oil is required to have good oxidation resistance.

4, good shear stability

When the working medium passes through the pump, valve and microporous element, it is subjected to intense shear. This mechanical action will make the medium produce two forms of viscosity change, that is, the temporary viscosity loss at a high shear speed and the permanent viscosity decline after the molecular destruction of the polymerized viscosifier, and the viscosity can no longer be used to a certain extent. Therefore, the shear stability of the hydraulic oil is required to be better.

5, rust and non-corrosive metal

Many metal parts in the hydraulic system are in contact with hydraulic oil for a long time, and its surface will rust under the action of water and air dissolved in the medium, so that the accuracy and surface quality will be destroyed, and the corrosion particles circulating in the system will cause accelerated wear and system failure. This requires the use of hydraulic oil to have good metal protection, prevent rust and non-corrosion of metal performance.

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