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What are the characteristics of servo hydraulic press?

1, the servo hydraulic press is characterized by the ability to control the movement and speed of the slider, with different processing purposes, the configuration of the appropriate stamping curve, improve production capacity and quality. The traditional press cannot control the speed of the slider flexibly, and can only simply control the height of the die, the number of attacks per minute and the cushion pressure and other parameters. For specific stamping parts and specific materials, only special types can be selected.

2, the sliding block of the servo hydraulic press can be quickly pulled back at the bottom dead center to speed up the production rhythm, and the pressure time can also be set, such as the hydraulic press, or slow in and fast out of the bottom dead center, improve the drawing accuracy and quality, reduce wrinkles, cracks and rebound, but the extension of production efficiency and die life can still be guaranteed. The user-friendly operation interface can easily and quickly generate a variety of different stamping modes.

3, the ability to achieve the above functions depends on whether the press has a strong servo motor support, but the drive mode can not only be solved by changing the traditional motor to a servo motor or hydraulic servo pump. It can achieve high torque at low speed, has the stable control of high output power source and the high-speed control function of motor action, to meet the strong stamping capacity of the servo hydraulic press and the correct high-speed slider action, so as to truly meet the characteristics of stamping processing.

4, servo hydraulic press is designed with the concept of environmental protection and energy saving. In the mechanism design, the direct drive structure integrating servo motor and drive shaft is adopted to save flywheel and reduce energy consumption. In terms of the electrical control system, the power demand of the factory will not rise rapidly through the power leveling design to stabilize the changes in the power load during stamping processing and the acceleration and deceleration of the slider. Due to the internal power recovery system, the power can be recycled and the energy conversion efficiency is high. Compared with conventional presses, it can save more than 30% of the electricity.

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