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The reason of hydraulic cylinder expansion of single column hydraulic press

Hydraulic cylinder as a core component in the single column hydraulic press, plays a pivotal role, but after a period of operation, you may find that the diameter of the hydraulic cylinder has expanded a lot, what is the cause of this?

There are many reasons for the expansion of the hydraulic cylinder wall of a single column hydraulic press, and the main reasons are generally divided into the following points.

1, the machine load is too large or the reason of high speed, when the sudden stop of the instantaneous time, the pressure value in the working chamber will increase immediately, even more than the maximum working pressure several times, so that the cylinder diameter expansion.

2, caused by the failure of the buffer device in the equipment, so that the running piston can not slow down and suddenly hit the cylinder head and may spring back, causing instantaneous overpressure of the working chamber.

3, the cylinder material is inferior or the cylinder structure design is unreasonable, so that the yield point and safety factor are reduced, even if it is used for a period of time under normal circumstances, it will inevitably produce cylinder diameter expansion.

4, in addition, if the strength and stiffness of the hydraulic cylinder itself is not strong, it will also become the main reason for the expansion of the hydraulic cylinder.

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