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What are the common reversing valves of four-column servo hydraulic press

Four-column servo hydraulic press is a kind of mechanical equipment that uses the static pressure of hydraulic oil transported by oil pump to process metal, plastic, rubber, wood, powder and other products. Let's see what common reversing valves it has.

First, electric directional valve. The electric reversing valve of the equipment is called the travel valve. It needs to be installed near the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic press, and the valve is shifted due to a stop or CAM mounted on a moving part.

Second, electromagnetic directional valve. The electromagnetic reversing valve of a four-column servo hydraulic press is a reversing valve that uses an electromagnet to draw the spool into the slot for transposition.

Three, hydraulic directional valve. The hydraulic directional control valve of the equipment is a directional control valve that uses pressure oil to push the spool to move.

Four, electric hydraulic direction control valve. The electrohydraulic directional valve of the equipment is flexible and easy to be automated, but the electromagnet suction is limited and the large flow rate cannot be switched. The hydraulic reversing valve of the four-column servo hydraulic press is usually less used alone, and a small reversing valve is required to change the flow direction of the control hydraulic oil. Standard components usually combine solenoid and hydraulic valves into electro-hydraulic directional valves.

Four-column counterweight block hydraulic press

Four-column counterweight block hydraulic press



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